agencia21 – success achieved by partnership, trust and competence. Finding agencia21 was one of the best things that happened to us while we were in Europe. Ever since 2006, we never again had to worry about the correct products', presentation at the booth and we learned how important it is to appreciate the Brazilian product on a designer’s perspective.

Tânia Machado
Director - ABEXA, Mão de Minas, Brazil Handicraft, Ecoartes and Centro Cape (2010)

With this wonderful partnership, Cacau do Brasil and agencia21, we’ll get our cocoa and chocolate out to the world certain of great success.

Henrique de Almeida
APC Director - Association of Cocoa Producers (2009)

Our challenge was to provide a unique experience to a group of customers that we took to Frankfurt. A clear understanding of the action by agencia21, the assertive choice of places and the care of all the details were crucial to the trip's success. We will absolutely work together again!

Roberta Milward
Marketing Manager - Lumini Equipamentos de Iluminação (2012)

We feel at home when we hired agencia21. Punctuality, design and construction of distinguished booths, technical support and commitment to the success of our presentation are part of the services of this Brazilian agency, unique in Europe.

Anselmo Rampazzo
Director - ANAFIMA and RMV Drums (2010)

As for the evolution evolution of the 'concept of Brazilian cacao', agencia21 really helped us out, developing and projecting our image, as well as organizaing of our booths since 2009.

Eimar Sampaio Rosa
Director - M. Libânio Agricola S.A. (2010)